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Our Packing

Our Packing

Packing Of Charag Saffron


The Saffron is supplied in 1Gm and 5 Gm packs . The saffron is handpicked in Pampore by our trained agricultural specialists and processed at our factory in air tight doubly packed boxes . The out box is sealed to avoid any moisture . The flavour and quality is maintained in its true form . No colouring and no preservatives are added . The filaments are dried very carefully and gently to give the actual bitter taste and a penetrating aroma flavour .

The large number of human labour is involved in harvesting, drying, processing, cleaning and ultimately packing our finest brand of saffron "Charag Saffron ". The dark red filaments are preserved in 1 Gm and 5 Gm packs. . The threads of our saffron have a better flavour and the curative qualities are higher superiority .

A single gram of our saffron easily translates into golden colour and fragrant flavour. A one single gram of our brand contains 450-500 saffron threads . Our product is labelled with batch No. , date of packing and guarantees that the saffron is from the current year crop. We guarantee that in case the client is not satisfied with our quality of our product , 100% refund shall be made .

We assure our clients that the Charag Saffron is free from any adulteration and 100% Superior . The Quality and Superiority is maintained as per International Standards .As the bulk consumers are outside India so the guidelines are followed strictly . We believe not to compromise in the quality of our products .

We at Charag Associates believe in making relationships worldwide and expanding our domain of Trust and Superiority . The aim of Charag Saffron is to bind people in common " We Feelings" , we every day make lifelong friends who believe that Charag Saffron is just a way of creating friends across the globe.

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